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All Together Dead : Charlaine Harris PDF Book Download Online

All Together Dead : Charlaine Harris PDF Book Download Online

Download All Together Dead : Charlaine Harris PDF

All Together Dead : Charlaine Harris PDF Book Download Online

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  • Title – All Together Dead Charlaine Harris PDF eBook
  • Author – Charlaine Harris
  • Pages – 183
  • Available Formats – PDF
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All Together Dead Charlaine Harris Short Description –

THE SHREVEPORT VAMPIRE BAR WOULD BE OPENING late tonight. I was running behind, and I’d automatically gone to the front door, the public door, only to be halted by a neatly lettered sign, red Gothic script on white cardboard:WE’LL BE READY TO GREET YOU WITH A BITE TONIGHT, AT EIGHT O’CLOCK. PLEASE EXCUSE OUR DELAYED OPENING. It was signed “The Staff of Fangtasia.” It was the third week in September, so the red neon FANGTASIA sign was already on. The sky was almost pitch-black. I stood with one foot inside my car for a minute, enjoying the mild evening and the faint, dry smell of vampire that lingered around the club. All Together Dead Charlaine Harris PDF Book Then I drove around to the back and parked beside several other cars lined up at the employee entrance. I was only five minutes late, but it looked like everyone else had beaten me to the meeting. I rapped on the door. I waited. I’d raised my hand to knock again when Pam, Eric’s second-in-command, opened the door. Pam was based at the bar, but she had other duties in Eric’s various business dealings. Though vampires had gone public five years ago and turned their best face to the world, they were still pretty secretive about their moneymaking methods, and sometimes I wondered how much of America the undead actually owned. Eric, the owner of Fangtasia, was a true vampire in the keeping-things-to-himself department.

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